I’m Back-ish?

Sometimes I think that 90% of my “blogging career” has been spent writing blog posts that say “I know I haven’t blogged in a while… but I’m back!”  See the last post I wrote, in September, about how I was going to try to write on here more often.  That didn’t go very well, clearly.

I’ve been on sort of a journey with my digital life.  A few years ago I gave up Facebook, then I took an Instagram hiatus last year and never fully returned.  But, the most recent development has been that my smart phone stopped working and I just never replaced it.  Also, around the same time that my cell phone abandoned me there was an election that happened (maybe you heard?) and I sort of spent a few weeks/months holed up in my house feeling sad.

All of this has sort of lead to me not really being online a lot.  I miss out on a lot of stuff, I think, not having my smart phone.  I’m not in the group chat we have going with other homeschoolers, so I miss some of our meet ups.  Sometimes I get super lost because I don’t have a GPS.  And I miss out on a lot of cute photos of my kid not having a camera constantly in my pocket.  But, I kind of love it.  I do not miss the feeling that I need to capture every adorable thing Margot does.  I do not miss the bad feelings of comparing my life to other people’s lives.  I do not miss worrying that my child is falling behind because my friend’s kid is learning to do something that Margot doesn’t know how to do yet. I don’t miss the feeling that I need to be constantly available.

I do actually miss things, though.  I miss having connections with people around the world on Instagram. I miss seeing other people’s journeys with unschooling and sharing our journey.  I miss the inspiration I get from seeing what other families are doing.  Which leads me to NOW.

Now, there is about a foot of snow outside, but I’m itching for spring to come and am feeling like getting back to this whole “documenting our life as unschoolers” thing.

Also, the dishes are done, and Margot is playing a game by herself and I was sitting here on my computer with a mug of tea and once I was done checking my e-mails and catching up on the news I thought “what else can I do on this machine?”

So, here I am.  I have a few big topics in mind to talk about, but for now, a little update:

Things That Have Happened Since I Last Updated This Thing

Margot turned 4.

Cupcakes at her Halloween/Birthday Party
My favorite picture from her Birthday Photo Shoot

Margot got a haircut.

This picture is out of focus, but LOOK AT THAT FACE. ❤

I started playing Roller Derby.

This is not how you play Roller Derby.
My very scary Derby Face.
That’s me, sticking my butt out. Which IS (kind of) how you play Roller Derby.

Todd did a million home improvement projects.

(refer to his Instagram for proof)

We went to Disney World. (This could probably inspire an entire post…)

We went there for Christmas, and this is the only picture I have on my computer… Also this is the day Margot had a fever and she looks like she’s about to fall asleep on Santa Goofy.

Ummm… I think that’s all??

So, until NEXT TIME, my friends. (Maybe, who knows, I’m bad at this…)


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