Summer Hiatus: The Aftermath

Today I was looking back through old blog posts and realized it has been exactly three months since I declared I would be taking a three month summer hiatus.  So, officially, my hiatus is over.  I did not intend to take the summer off from blogging, although I barely blogged over the summer. My only intention was to step away from Instagram and to try to spend more time “in the moment” as they say.

It was an experiment, and a successful one. So successful, in fact, that I don’t plan to get back on Instagram.  So many people have told me how much they miss seeing Margot’s photos on Instagram and it means a lot to me that people say so.  But, I think it was just really taking away from my experiences to add the filter of “Instagram worthiness” to all the moments in my life.  I still took plenty of photos over the past 3 months, some of which you will see below in a little summer hiatus slide-show.  And I still shared a lot of these photos.  The difference was that when I took a photo I thought someone particular in my life would appreciate, I sent it to them directly and they would often write back and we would connect with one another over this photo. So often I felt like I was posting things and my photos would get some comments and likes but it didn’t really foster any connection with the person on the other side of the little red heart.

I will try (really hard!) to be better at updating things on here once in a while, because I know that our friends and family who we are not fortunate enough to live closer to do still like seeing these little glimpses of our lives. Hopefully by writing on here, I can satisfy some of those curiosities while also making a meaningful record of our lives as an unschooling family. So, without further ado… a glimpse through the lens of my cell phone camera into our summer filled with hikes and friendship and sunshine and fresh tomatoes from our garden and only one trip to the emergency room:

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